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Jr. And Robert R
Uncategorized / October 9, 2011

Jr. And Robert R., and sister, Jean Koch Neith, all of Bethlehem; stepsons, Thomas W. Oakley of Milton, Michael E. Remember last year’s match only too well Flint’s crazy challenge and Louis Thompson’s really unlucky og, when he was one of the few in the team who seemed to be really trying. Do hope we can make it to the third round and get another good payday, but the priority has to be the league. Anyone know how much longer the injured crowd are likely to be out? We could use some defensive options in particular.[/p][/quote]Andy, the “injured crowd” that did make me chuckle I think most of us were pretty hurt after last Tuesday’s game! (I know what you meant really.). fake oakleys Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a rapid movement of the head forward, backward, or side to side. This motion can cause brain injury, muscle spasms or tearing, ligament stretching and instability, and even fractures to the spine that can cause permanent disability. Car accidents that occur at 5mph or more can cause soft tissue damage fake oakleys and injury to the soft tissue even if the vehicles involved don show any damage. fake oakleys…