A 90-minute session

November 4, 2013

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35) Kaymograf →
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36) as Kaynescop →
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a fixed
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A 90-minute session, with a hand treatment of moisturizing shea butter and
> For only $ 80 two special hours… Which is a 65% discount

Gerardo Martínez, CMT, LMT,
Manual therapist since 2009, certified, trained therapist and
760 766 6366

For this month of July, I’m bringing back my Royal Treatment
A 90 minute session, with a hydrating shea butter hand treatment and
for only $ 80 two hour
Gerardo Martinez, CMT, LMT,
therapist since 2009, certified, trained, and insured Manual 760 766 6366 Fake Designer Bags.

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