How it all started

June 7, 2015
The first Cussler book I read, back in 2001 was Atlantis Found. To be honest, I thought the book was about the mysterious Atlantis. At that that time, I was reading all there was about Atlantis, the mystic island of Mur, Maya’s, Pyramid’s and its assumed link to stellar constellations and the like. I never expected  the book to be an adventure book. It turned out to be one of my best misjudgements. Shortly after, I bought my second book Blue Gold, and that was what really got me going.

CG Collectors guide 2Adventure writing
  I use “The Collector’s guide to Clive Cussler”,  “A Bibliography of Clive Cussler” and “The adventure writing of Clive Cussler” by Wayne Valero, as an important help in putting my collection together. 

Clive Cussler Collector’s Society (# 63)

Following an invitation from Wayne in August 2002, I joined the CCCS on January 13, 2004. 

Picture: Bruce Kenfield (left) and Wayne Valero (right), founders of the CCCSimage


wim and clive 3Picture with Clive and my wife Anita, taken at the Con 2008, Charleston (SC)

Recent additions to my collection: The Bootlegger (Large print edition); Piranha Hardcover also in Large Print; Ghost ship premium edition; ARC Piranha; Unravelling the Mysteries of the HL Hunley SEA of DARKNESS

On its way: ARC and Hardcover The Lightning Stones – Jack Dubrul

New releases ordered: Havana Storm (nov 2015); The Solomon Curse (sept 2015); The Pharaoh’s Secret (nov 2015)

New releases in Holland: Storm in Havana

Wim Nieuwenhuijzen, The Netherlands, last updated September 9, 2017

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Member of both the Clive Cussler Collector’s Society and Cusslermen




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