Jack Dubrul

June 7, 2015

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Having personally met Jack DuBrul at the 2nd Clive Cussler Convention in 2006, I believe Jack is one of the finest and most enjoyable writers I have ever met. His enthusiasm, the stories he tells whilst drinking a beer with you are really great fun. Off course, being the new kid on the block as regards to coauthor to Clive Cussler, his world changed pretty drastic.

All of a sudden in the middle of the spotlights and being asked thousands of questions by the attendees of the Convention, he led himself drowning in the warm bath of attention. But, this is only because of his interest for his fans, his open attitude but above all his great gift for writing.


Jack DuBrul (1968) is a New York Times Best-Selling Author from Vermont who writes techno thrillers. Born in Burlington, Vermont on October 15, 1968, he remained in Vermont all through his childhood, though he did go to a private school, Westminster, in Connecticut for grades 9 through 12. After college he moved to Florida where he wrote his first book. He has since moved back to Vermont, where he now lives with his wife Debbie.


Writing in a similar manner to writer Clive Cussler, his own novels focus on his character, Dr. Philip Mercer, a successful mining engineer and geologist, who gets involved in various threats to the world.

Phillip Mercer by trade is a geologist who graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and received his PhD from Penn State. A bachelor, Mercer has never been married though he was once engaged to an English detective by the name of Tori Wilkes. Mercer lives in a brownstone in Washington DC. He is frequently found at his local pub by the name of Tiny’s. His best friend is an 80+ year old veteran by the name of Harry White. Harry is a sworn bachelor and a content “alcohol enthusiast” with one leg.

Phillip Mercer, a man’s man of sorts, is replete with his own personal trademarks similar to Cussler’s Dirk Pitt. His drink of choice is a vodka gimlet as opposed to tequila while his choice sidearm is a Beretta 92FS as opposed to a Colt 1911. He makes his appearance in Vulcan’s Forge in a black Jaguar SJX convertible with tan interior, cellular phone, CD player, and an aftermarket turbo charger. It was given to him by Dick Henna, the head of the FBI, to replace one destroyed during his escape from Ivan Kerikov’s henchmen.

Jack Du Brul has written seven Phillip Mercer books: Vulcan’s Forge, Charon’s Landing, The Medusa Stone, Pandora’s Curse, River of Ruin, Deep Fire Rising, and Havoc. After writing a series of Oregn files he now set himself to a new Mercer adventure. The title is already known: Sample681, no publication date yet available.



Since 2005 Jack has been co-authoring “The Oregon Files” novels with Clive Cussler, taking over from Craig Dirgo with the third novel. He has coauthored Dark Watch, Skeleton Coast, Plague Ship, Corsair and Silent Sea so far. He has just finished the draft for a new adventure: The Jungle. Release date is March 8, 2011.


The official website for Jack is: www.jackdubrulbooks.com 


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