Justin Scott

June 7, 2015




Justin Scott has written twenty-five thrillers and mystery novels, including The Shipkiller, Normandie Triangle, A Pride of Royals, Rampage, The Widow of Desire, The Nine Dragons, and Treasure Island: A Modern Novel. With many of his books set at sea, he has been called “the Dick Francis of yachting.”

In his life as a mystery writer, he created the Ben Abbott detective series, and was twice nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award by the Mystery Writers of America, for his first novel Many Happy Returns, and his short story “An Eye for a Tooth” in the Adams Round Table Anthology Justice in Manhattan.

His main pen name is Paul Garrison under which he has written five sea stories, though he was also written mysteries as J.S.Blazer and Alexander Cole. These days they all live in Connecticut with his wife, the filmmaker Amber Edwards.



When Clive Cussler invited me to collaborate on a sequel to The Chase—a western detective novel featuring a brand new character named Isaac Bell—I decided there were two reasons to accept. Obviously, collaborating with a mega-bestselling writer offered the opportunity to clamber aboard the New York Times bestseller list. Collaborating also promised a sort of mid-course correction, where I would learn writing tricks beyond those I had taught myself in the course of twenty-four books. I had done very well for myself, but when it came to selling lots and lots of books, he had done it better.


More interesting information on Justin can be found at: www.seastoriesbypaulgarrison.com

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