Lieutenant Joel Vettel of the Fargo Police Department says

November 29, 2013

The man was wearing a brown leather style jacket, light colored cargo pants, a grey hooded sweatshirt, no gloves, black shoes and a black face mask.Suspect in the Spirit Shop Robbery is described as 5’8″, 160 170 pounds wearing blue jeans, black hooded sweatshirt turned inside out, blue shoes with white bottoms, and black shoe strings, and a mask which only covers his mouth, nose, and eyes.If you have any information, call the Fargo Police Department.Police Respond to Two Robberies Within an Hour The suspect in both robberies is described as a black man, who is 5’9″, thin build, wearing a dark hoodie and mask.The two armed robberies are believed to be connected to each other.The first armed robbery happened at 8:30pm at the Bottle Barn off South University.Investigators say a man walked in and showed a handgun inside the waistband of his pants and took a small amount of money from the liquor store.He left on foot and but police were dispatched to look for a gray Toyota Corolla.Just an hour later, police were then dispatched to a second armed robbery at Spirit Liquors around 9:30pm off 13th Avenue and just east of Cashwise grocery store.Several employees of the liquor store were inside when the male suspect walked in with a mask and demanded money at the counter.Even though no weapon was displayed at Spirit Liquors, officers believe that he was armed.After the suspect took the money, he fled on foot to the southside of the store and then went inside a car.Police are still looking for suspects in this case and aren’t sure if there is a connection between robberies that canada goose outlet have happened in Fargo in the last weeks.Lieutenant Joel Vettel of the Fargo Police Department says, “Is it too early to say that these two tonight are related to any of the ones prior? Yes.”Vettel goes on to say, “We haven’t made that determination and we want to make sure that we don’t jump to that conclusion too quickly because there isn’t enough similarities at first blush to say that. Ultimately we want to make sure we can solve them all, but again it’s part of that process that we need to go through.”No injuries were reported in either of the armed robberies. Police say that they will use surveillance footage from both stores to narrow their suspect search..

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