Nothing distinguishes between alcohol and medications

July 30, 2013

Canada Goose Outlet Drunken driver who killed girl on prom night sentenced to 32 years Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose deals This is canada goose just my opinion, and I totally understand where you’re Canada Goose sale coming from. Trucks Canada Goose Outlet are scary and can do a lot of damage. (Which is why I’m terrified of driving next to semi trucks)I don’t know about other people, but my husband and I just canadian goose jacket don’t want to pay for a third vehicle. My husband used to have an old 2003 Camry that he bought for $3k cash to use as a daily driver, but the insurance costs and registration wasn’t saving much money over just driving the truck everyday.I get what you’re saying, but in a two car crash, there is always going to be one car that might be better off. Like a truck canada goose coats vs a semi, Canada Goose Jackets the semi will probably win. Or a Mini Cooper vs a 4 runner. I guess the best thing to do is to be a defensive driver and assume everyone is trying to kill you.If it canada goose uk black friday makes you feel better, my husband is canada goose store a very cautious driver, doesn’t tailgate, and he drives the speed of traffic. He loves his truck, and wouldn’t want to get it in an accident! But we do take my car when we go somewhere together :)Canada is a pretty big place, saying canada goose coats on sale you lived here too doesn really uk canada goose outlet mean much. Vancouver and Yellowknife get very different winters.Sure, it may be an ego thing but that true for anyone buying any brand new thing that flashy, including a vehicle, that doesn necessarily make it a bad thing.Anything that slows you down gradually in a crash helps reduce the damage inertia does canada goose uk outlet to your brain and other organs, and airbags are the method of choice in a car. Motorcycle helmets have a compressible canada goose uk shop foam to slow your head down as gradually as possible to reduce the impact of your brain against the side Canada Goose Coats On Sale of your skull (gradually being very relative here). Any head impact wearing such a helmet would be lessened, but I’m not sure the trade off would be worth buy canada goose jacket cheap it.I turn my head to check my blind spot before any lane uk canada goose change, but doing that in a cramped car with a bulky helmet would be tough. To anyone reading this PLEASE do not drink and drive.I didn hurt anyone. I didn get into an accident. And I got the bare minimum punishment. But none of that matters.I risked people lives. I paid almost $10,000 Canada Goose online out of pocket in lawyer fees and fines. I upset my wife and Canada Goose Online risked her safety.I would give anything to take that night back. I am filled with shame and guilt. So this is my penance. I try to convince people that it is a big deal and you want canada goose clearance nothing do with it. Please take UBER, Lyft, a taxi, canada goose black friday sale or whatever. There is absolutely no scenarios where it is worth the risks. Both personally cheap Canada Goose and to other people. I thank god I didn hurt anyone. That guilt would have ruined me.To anyone reading this. Look at me as an example of what not cheap canada goose uk to do. Please, I begging you.If you do it anyway, I fine with tossing restorative justice out the fucking window. You were warned. It stupid and you shouldn do it. If you kill someone you should go away full fucking stop. A heavy sentence isn only for the convicted, it is for the rest of society too. It shows that if you do this thing canada goose factory sale THAT WE HAVE ALL TOLD YOU canada goose clearance sale YOU SHOULDNT FOR DECADES NOW you are taking a big big gamble and if your dice come up snake eyes, you get to be an example to everyone else who might be thinking about picking up those dice. 0.08 and above is illegal. Seeing as this is a huge distraction I feel it should be met with harsher punishments than the current DWI laws. If not harsher then I believe ten years after your third strike is appropriate. Of course it should be a felony if you ever text and drive with a minor in the vehicle! Fifteen years on the first offense sounds about right. If it causes an accident, well triple the sentence. Maybe a life sentence at times? We known for decades that this is a huge problem! You can roll the Canada Goose Parka dice, but texting and driving causes more deaths than drinking and driving.Also, the DWI laws buy canada goose jacket do apply to legally prescribed medications. Even if you have a tolerance the courts do not. Nothing distinguishes between alcohol and medications. Any medication that may cause dizziness might land you in prison. Blood pressure medications, and all, do apply. Don gamble with my life! Skip your medications or walk to work. :)I suing a guy right now for hitting me while texting and driving. I was driving a collector vehicle that day so the 10% depreciation maxed out his insurance. He going to hate my court costs! I believe he have to sell his house and file for bankruptcy over this. I know he lost his job recently due to his lack of a vehicle. But he knew the costs when he picked up that phone. I have no sympathy for a man who risks an innocent life. He may kill himself over this, but he deserves everything coming to him. Right?That the problem with America. And that case is real. But I hope he doesn die over a mistake everyone but a few has done. I only suing for the remaining vehicle damage, medical bills (only a couple trips to the ER, nothing overboard like I seen), and some court costs. I could go further, but we already over $250,000. Lost wages and a few other aspects would probably cause the guy to kill himself. I even donated to his “charity account” because I a human being and the idiot needed a vehicle canada goose deals.

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