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Seeing and dealing with employees as human beings

April 12, 2015

Seeing and dealing with employees as human beings with real lives is often overlooked in the busy workplace. People with high emotional intelligence can do this in a professional manner, and maintain appropriate boundaries. Another aspect of EQ is knowing and being sensitive to how employees are experiencing you as a manager.

Walls are a way make Georgetown and South Park prettier and healthier, says 13 year old Daniela Cortez, a Duwamish Valley Youth Corps member and South Park resident for most of her life. Like a good third of the DVYC kids, Cortez has asthma, and says she got involved in the group about a year ago because found out that we have the highest asthma rates [in the city] and there so much pollution here I just wanted to do something just sit around and wait until someone else does it for me. Longtime Georgetown resident Marianne Clark, whose family has lived in the same house on Carleton Avenue South for the past 103 years, bring this kind of project into Georgetown is just really great.

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The killings left many people wondering why someone would hurt children. One person who’s studied this question is Dr. Phillip Resnick, a professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland who for decades has studied similar cases.

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