Sir Michael Caine wore glasses by Curry Paxton in the 1960s

May 4, 2014

#Zidane: “I have nothing against Kepa”

On the eve of playing the quarterfinal return of Copa del Rey against Leganés, Zinedine Zidane has presented a press conference to
#Kepa will not come: “It bothers me when I hear some people say that in the end Hermes Replica Bags I got what I want. #Ramos back:” It will be with us tomorrow, we’ll see how will do it but will be # Leganés: “They will be super motivated, this is the Copa who is like that and a goal can all
Situation of # Isco:” It is a player who will always have an important role here, whether I’m here or
The 4-3-3 facing the #PSG? “That’s what I said after the last
Improvement of #Bale:” What has changed is that he no longer has problems, he does not feel any more #Cristiano and the # mobile phone: “He just wanted to know how was his injury, if it was deep or not, nothing.
He defended his goalkeepers in front of #Kepa:” I’m with my players, they’re what there is more
#Casilla will hold tomorrow? “You will see, I have 4 or 5
#Two victories in a row have they restored confidence to the team:” We’ll see that
#Benzema scapegoat: “It was not with us for a month, he wants to come back and be with the #Neymar, #Cristiano #PSG: “Seeing what he does with his team, we can #Hala_Madrid.

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