They can be marinated, rubbed, sauced, stuffed, or seasoned

January 6, 2014

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileFinance Minister Bill Morneau delivers his third federal budget today a fiscal plan meant to strengthen the economy by promoting gender equality and bringing more women into the workforce.The budget is also expected to boost science and innovation, improve living conditions for Indigenous people and fortify Canada against cyberattacks.Coming one year before the 2019 pre election budget, this Liberal spending plan could be more about tweaks, minor initiatives and shifting allocations than big, bold new program spending.Allan Maslove, public policy professor at Carleton University, said he expects this budget could be the least significant and least interesting to come from Morneau so far.With the economy performing relatively well, Maslove said, the government is under no significant pressure to address an economic crisis. Any new big ticket items likely will be reserved for next year to keep them fresh in voters’ minds, he said.”My guess is that this is going to [be a] fairly stand pat, stay the course budget,” he told CBC News.Parental leave to help women into workforceExperts weigh in on what they want in Budget 2018Environmental groups hope for conservation funds”If you look back at previous government cycles, you see a big splash in the first budget, then it tends to taper off, then they come back with another big splash before the next election.”The budget is also expected to announce a new advisory council to look at options for creating a new national pharmacare program, though no money will be allocated this year.Eric Hoskins, who resigned as Ontario’s Liberal health minister, will steer the council, consulting with a wide range of stakeholders, provinces, territories, Indigenous groups and experts on how best Hermes Replica Bags to proceed with the national program.The council is expected to report back in 2019, before the next general election is held.Here are five things to watch for in today’s budget:1. Empowering womenIn a budget crafted using a government wide gender based analysis, expect measures to improve parental leave and close the gender labour gap by knocking down barriers that prevent women from participating in the workforce.

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