To accomplish this, a series of fairly simple steps can go

September 17, 2013

As for the why, start up distilleries often use the same excuse. They do it as “a means to develop a brand and help fund the next step” of distilling their own alcohol. But it’s easier and cheaper and lazier, and often they never stop. Tour groups are inevitably given free time in central shopping districts of the cities they visit (or in nearby outlet malls), and businesses in such areas want to appeal to these tourists, as well as to the many Chinese business travelers that also frequent these locales. So, beyond the pre planned sales stops that partnership with tour operators may bring, individual businesses need to be poised on their own to garner attention from Chinese travelers. To accomplish this, a series of fairly simple steps can go far: a welcome sign in Chinese characters on a store front or restaurant window, indoor signage and merchandising communications in Chinese.

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